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Inclinometers for Construction and Agricultural Applications

One of the main applications of inclinometers is their use in agricultural and construction vehicles and machinery. Inclinometers and tilt sensors or tilt switches are vital here as the vehicles must be level, steady with their base and stable when moving across uneven ground or carrying heavy loads to be safely operated. It is also necessary to continuously monitor these angles when in use to ensure they do not become unstable, or exceed their safe operational limits.

Inclinometer sensors used in such environments should be tough and reliable, as well as being compatible with different output types. Whether it is for automated levelling, rollover warning and prevention, boom angle measurement, grade control or GNSS compensation, we have a product to suit the application. At Level Developments, our inclinometers and tilt sensors come in a range of robust material options and are available with a variety of interfaces to suit most control systems, including the industry standard CAN J1939.

Boom Angle Measurement

Boom angles are usually measured using a single axis sensor in the range of 0 – 90°. They can be used to report angle to a machine control system or local display, ensuring the machinery is kept within safe operating limits, and also providing useful operation information to the user. Here, mechanical ball indicators can also be mounted directly to the boom to give a visual indication of angle to the operator.

Inclinometer sensors for measuring the boom angle can be used in several ways. Some devices produced at Level Developments include a dual headed sensor that can simultaneously measure the boom and dipper angle (relative to the earth) and as such can also provide the relative angle between the boom and dipper. This information can be used by the machines control system for applications such as GNSS compensation of the bucket position and grade control to provide feedback to the operator on the depth of the bucket.

Inclinometers for agricultural and construction applications | Industrial inclinometer sensors

Base Levelling

Base levelling and base monitoring are an important part of the safe use for several types of construction equipment including mobile cranes, aerial man lifts and excavators. The machinery needs to be levelled in two axes to a reasonably high degree of accuracy, where inclinometers and levelling indicators can be used to provide measuring information to a control system or local display. Devices such as tilt switches can also be used to trigger an alarm if the angle exceeds a pre-set threshold that would result in unsafe operation.

Cradle Levelling

Regardless of the boom configuration or angle, it is vital that the cradle in aerial man lifts supporting the operator is kept level. Our low-cost inclinometer sensors are highly suited to this application to provide angular position feedback to the hydraulic control system which in turn can adjust the angle of the cradle.

Vertical and Angular Alignment

Some machinery such as Augers and Pile Drivers require vertical alignment to ensure piles or bore holes are drilled perfectly vertically. This requires the machine and boom to be vertical prior to drilling, thus remaining vertical during drilling. In other cases, foundations may be installed at specific angles to take loads in directions other than vertical meaning both the pitch and roll angles must be known. In both cases, dual axis inclinometers and tilt sensors can be used to help measure the necessary angles by providing information to display systems and help the operator control the process.

Levelling and Roll Angle Control

Machinery such as telehandlers must have a carefully controlled roll angle when in use to prevent rollover due to the extension of its boom or the heavy loads it collects. Again, mechanical indicators can be used to provide a visual representation to the operator to ensure they remain in safe working limits.


For more accuracy, electronic inclinometer sensors can be used in conjunction with display and control systems to provide visual and audible feedback when safe working limits are exceeded or approached. They can also interface with fully integrated machine control systems to prevent operation when safe limits are exceeded.

Whether it is a simple visual indicator, a rugged precision tilt switch, or a fully integrated electronic inclinometer sensor and display system, Level Developments has a range of tough and reliable products that can meet the needs of any application. We also provide custom OEM solutions so if you do not find a product suitable for your application, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.