Tilt Switch for Elevated Work Platform

The Application

Safelift manufacture a series of compact and flexible mast lifts for safe work indoors. Their lifts are characterised by low entry, short turning radius and low weight, and have the aim of replacing ladders with flexible and user-friendly mast lifts, thus making working at height indoors safer. As with all platform lifts, they could be unstable if they are elevated on an inclined surface. Safelift approached us to use one of our tilt sensors to prevent operation of the lift if it is outside the safe range of operation.

The Solution

Initially we offered our ETS tilt switch which gives a switched output when a certain angle is reached and can be user configured for a range of different switching angles. After further testing Safelift determined that they needed a device with a fixed switching angle of 2° and a filter optimised to reduce false alarms when the lift was moved. They also needed a PCB only version of the product to help fit in with their low-profile compact design.

Custom OEM Solution

Level Developments offered a custom version of the standard ETS product to include all these features. This was managed though our carefully documented design process to ensure all the requirements of the project are defined and tested and all the documentation and training is in place to ensure these are supplied consistently for future orders.

The Benefit

This solution has enabled Safelift to advance the functionality and safety of their product range with a solution that was matched exactly to their requirements and affordable.

After extensive evaluation and testing, we chose a tilt switch technology from Level Developments. The tilt switches meet our high quality and safety requirements

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