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Aerial Man Lift Inclinometer and Levels

Aerial man lifts come in many different forms, but all have a requirement for levels or inclinometers. The base must be level to reduce the risk of rollover and his can be monitored during operation to ensure the lift does not become unstable. As the angle of the boom changes it is necessary to ensure the operator cradle is kept level. Knowing the angle of the boom can also allow the machine to restrict operation within the safe working limits. Level Developments design and manufacture a wide range of mechanical and electronic sensors for this purpose and can provide off the shelf or customised solutions to meet any application.


Cradle Levelling

Regardless of the boom configuration or angle, the cradle supporting the operator needs to be kept level. Our low cost inclinometer sensors are highly suited to this application to provide angular position feedback to the hydraulic control system which in turn can adjust the angle of the cradle. We have a wide range of low cost high quality single axis inclinometers sensors for this application. The devices are tough and reliable, and available with a range of output types to interface to most control systems, including the industry standard CAN J1939.


  • Inclinometer Sensors
    LCH-360, LCH-A-S, MAS-1, SOLAR-360

Base Levelling

Base levelling and base monitoring are an important part of the safe use of a lift. The lift needs to be levelled in two axis to a reasonably high degree of accuracy to minimise the risk of rollover when the lift is extended. For this application we manufacture a wide range of circular levelling indicators which can be used to manually check the angle, as well as a range of high quality low cost electronic sensors which can provide information to the machine control system or to a local display. We also offer high accuracy tilt switches which can be used to monitor the base and raise and alarm or prevent further operation if the angle changes beyond a preset threshold.


  • Inclinometer Sensors
    LCH-A-D, DAS, MAS-2, SOLAR-2
  • Circular Levels
    AVF100 series, CG Series, 5229 series

Ball and Bubble Inclinometers

Part No. Image Length
Range Measuring Type Case Material
BI-50 BI-50 -
162 72 14 ±50° Ball Aluminium
5789/1 5789/1 -
100 11 25 ±3° Bubble ABS
5710/1 5710/1 -
70 10 70 0-90° Ball Black anodised Aluminium
BI-10 BI-10 -
90 35 9 ±10° Ball Black anodised Aluminium
BI-45 BI-45 -
100 50 9 ±45° Ball Acetal