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Excavator Inclinometers and Levels

There are many excavator applications for our levels and inclinometers. Whether it is for automated levelling, rollover warning and prevention, boom angle measurement, grade control or GNSS compensation, we have a product to suit the application. Level Developments design and manufacture a wide range of mechanical and electronic sensors for this purpose and can provide off the shelf or customised solutions to meet any requirements.


Base Levelling

During grading work it is useful for the operator to know if the machine is level, and if not then what the angle is. We have a range of mechanical and electronic indicators to provide this information to the operator and the machines control system. During earth moving it is necessary for the operator to ensure the machine is working at a safe grade to prevent rollover. Whether it is a simple visual indicator, a rugged precision tilt switch, or a fully integrated electronic sensor and display system we have
a range of tough and reliable products that can meet the needs of these applications.


  • Inclinometer Sensors
    DAS, LCH-A-D, MAS-2, SOLAR-2
  • Digital Displays
  • Circular Levels
    AVF100 series, CG Series, 5229 series

Boom Angle Measurement

Sensors for measuring the boom angle can be used in a number of ways by the machine control system. We have recently introduced a dual headed sensor that can simultaneously measure the boom and dipper angle (relative to the earth) and as such can also provide the relative angle between the boom and dipper. This information can be used by the machines control system for applications such as GNSSS compensation of the bucket position and grade control to provide feedback to the operator on the depth of the bucket. The devices are tough and reliable, and available with a range of output types to interface to most control systems, including
the industry standard CAN J1939.


  • Inclinometer Sensors
    LCH-A-S, MAS-360, BADAS

Ball and Bubble Inclinometers