Circular Levels » Borehole Circular Levels » CI17 - Circular level, Ø17x10, chrome finish, plastic vial, 34'/2mm

Product Datasheet (pdf 58 KB) CI17 – Circular level, Ø17×10, chrome finish, plastic vial, 34’/2mm

A small bore hole circular spirit level, set level with reference to the underside of the housing


  • High quality plastic circular vial
  • Sensitivity 34'/2mm bubble movement
  • Set level with reference to the underside of housing
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • High quality chrome finish


  • Weight scales and platforms
  • Surveying instruments and tribrachs
  • OEM tools

Product Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Diameter 17.1 mm
Sensitivity 34 minutes
Vial Material Acrylic (PMMA) -
Case Material Aluminium -
Finish Chrome -
Mounting Method Push fit, VHB tape, or bonded -
Bubble Size 4.8 mm
Ring Diameter 6.1 mm
Ring Colour Black -
Liquid Colour Clear -
Type of Backlighting none -
Dimension Value Unit
Overall Diameter 17.1 mm
Vial Window Diameter 10 mm
Overall Height 10 mm
Weight 3.5 Grams
Parameter Value Unit
Operational Temperature Range -10 to 60 °C
Storage Temperature Range -20 to 65 °C