Circular Levels » Subsea Bullseye Levels » 6087/1 - Subsea bullseye level (ball inclinometer), Ø350, range ±5°

Product Drawing (pdf 235 kB) 6087/1 – Subsea bullseye level (ball inclinometer), Ø350, range ±5°

These subsea bullseye level and slope indicators are used to level or measure the angle of subsea structures and equipment. They are easily readable by ROV’s and subsea cameras, and have been pressure rated to 6000m seawater.


  • Large 350mm diameter with 1" ball
  • Excellent visibility from ROV
  • ±5° measurement range, 350mm diameter
  • Type tested to 6,000m (20,000ft)
  • Liquid filled
  • Scale printed on ball surface to eliminate parallax
  • Range of mounting bases and mounting hardware

Product Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Diameter 350 mm
Range ±5 °
Scale Interval 1 °
Accuracy 0.2 °
Material Acrylic (PMMA) -
Maximum Working Depth 6000 m
Ball Diameter 25.4 mm
Dimension Value Unit
Overall Diameter 350 mm
Body Diameter 350 mm
Overall Height 68 mm
Flange Height 68 mm
Pitch Centre Diameter For Mounting Holes - mm
Hole Diameter - mm
Material Acrylic (PMMA) -
Weight 7 Kilograms
Parameter Value Unit
Operational Temperature Range -10 to 50 °C
Storage Temperature Range -10 to 50 °C