Engineers Level » Premium Engineers Levels » PEL-0.02-125 - Precision Engineer's Bubble Level, Sensitivity 0.02mm/m, 125mm granite base

Datasheet (pdf 649 KB) PEL-0.02-125 – Precision Engineer’s Bubble Level, Sensitivity 0.02mm/m, 125mm granite base

This precision engineers level is designed and manufactured by Level Developments to be the best in it’s class. It provides highly accurate and fast readings straight out of the box, time after time. It is a quality tool that will last a lifetime.


  • Large diameter main vial made in our UK factory has a fast settling time
  • Excellent bubble contrast for easy visibility
  • Stable by design - can withstand bumps knocks and temperature variation without any drift
  • Precision ground granite base - can't be dented, doesn't corrode and will never distort
  • Extremely fine adjustment mechanism makes recalibration quick and easy
  • Flat and V base for levelling flat or cylindrical surfaces
  • Side viewable for use in areas of restricted access

Product Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Length 125 mm
Height 60 mm
Width 40 mm
Sensitivity Per Division 0.02 mm/m
Cross Vial Yes -
Base Style Flat and V -
Magnetic No -
Dimension Value Unit
Length 125 mm
Width 40 mm
Height 60 mm
Weight 560 Grams
Parameter Value Unit
Operational Temperature Range -5 to 45 °C
Storage Temperature Range -20 to 60 °C
Introduction to the PEL