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Product Datasheet (pdf 906 KB) Inclinometer Selection Tool SUBSEA-2-05-RS485M – Marine Dual Axis Inclinometer, ±5°, RS485 ModBus

The SUBSEA-2 series inclinometers are specifically designed for installation on underwater structures or marine equipment & are rated for use up to 500m below sea level. Each unit is fitted with an industry standard male SubConn Micro connector. They are a range of high performance dual axis tilt sensors for measurement of angle in both pitch and roll axes while submerged in sea water or during marine and splash-heavy applications. These devices are available with standard measurement range options of ±5°, ±15°, ±30° & ±45. They utilise a very high performance MEMS sensor which exhibits low long term drift. RS232 or RS485 interface options are available with our standard communication protocol, we also offer a multi drop RS485 interface with ModBus communication protocol. They are CE & RoHS certified, & are manufactured, calibrated and tested in our UK factory to guarantee performance to the stated specification.


  • Dual axis measurement range ±5°
  • High resolution and accuracy
  • Designed for subsea & marine applications
  • Rated for 500m depth below sea
  • Fitted with a SubConn Micro subsea connector
  • Low temperature drift
  • Tough and compact stainless steel housing, 70 x 93 x 27mm
  • RS485 interface with ModBus communication protocol
  • CE certified and RoHS compliant

Product Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Number of Axis: 2 -
Range ±5 °
Resolution 0.001 °
Accuracy at 20°C 0.010 °
Output Type RS485 ModBus -
Output Format 38400,8,1,n -
Technology Precision MEMS -
Maximum Zero Bias Error 0.005 °
Long Term Drift 0.007 °
Uncompensated Temp Error 0.0015 ° / °C
Frequency Response 1 Hz
Maximum Devices On Network 128 -
Parameter Value Unit
Supply Voltage (min) 9 V
Supply Voltage (max) 30 V
Supply Current 10 to 30 depending on supply Vin mA
Dimension Value Unit
Sensor Case Material Stainless Steel -
Connection Style Panel Plug -
Length 70 mm
Width 92.5 mm
Height 27 mm
Weight 735 g
Parameter Value Unit
Operational Temperature Range -40 to 85 °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 85 °C
Sensor Seal Rating 500m (Sea water) -