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Product Datasheet (pdf 536 KB) Inclinometer Selection Tool LSOC-90-A – LSO Inclinometer sensor, ±90°, output ±5V

The LSO is a high precision single axis gravity referenced servo inclinometer sensor suitable for both military and
industrial applications. They are extremely sensitive and linear devices making them particularly suitable for the
precise measurement of angle in high vibration environments.


  • Single axis angle measurment
  • Measurment range: ±90°
  • Closed loop servo technology
  • Extremely rugged (withstands 1500g shock)
  • Measurement resolution down to 4 arc seconds
  • Analogue voltage output (±5V)
  • Sealed Mil Spec connector
  • Silicone oil and electrical damping

Product Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Number of Axis: 1 -
Range ±90 °
Resolution 0.001 °
Accuracy at 20°C 0.09 °
Output Type ±5V -
Technology Closed Loop Servo -
Maximum Zero Bias Error 0.36 °
Non-Linearity 0.05 %
Uncompensated Temp Error 0.005 ° / °C
Frequency Response 30 Hz
Parameter Value Unit
Supply Voltage (min) ±12 V
Supply Voltage (max) ±18 V
Supply Current ±20 mA
Dimension Value Unit
Sensor Case Material Anodised Aluminium -
Connection Style IP65 Mil Spec -
Length 92.5 mm
Width 40.6 mm
Height 43 mm
Weight 370 g
Parameter Value Unit
Operational Temperature Range -40 °C
Storage Temperature Range 80 °C
Sensor Seal Rating IP66 -

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