Inclinometers » Mechanical Inclinometers » 83 - Mechanical Inclinometer, range 360 degress, accuracy 1.5'

83 – Mechanical Inclinometer, range 360 degress, accuracy 1.5′

Supplied as standard with a hardened combined flat and ‘V’ base and a wooden box for protection. In use, the worm is disengaged by depressing the micrometer drum, and the vial assembly is rotated manually until the vial is approximately level. Fine adjustment is then made by rotating the micrometer drum until the vial is perfectly level. The angle is then read off the scale in degrees and micrometer in minutes.


  • Measurement range 360°
  • Accuracy better than 1.5 minutes over full measurement range
  • Supplied in a protective wooden box
  • Hardened precision ground base with flat and V surfaces


  • Workpiece setting for machine tools
  • Tooling setup
  • Robotics position calibration

Product Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Length 124 mm
Range 360 degrees °
Resolution 0.5 minutes °
Accuracy 1.5 minutes -
Height 150 mm
Width 30 mm
Magnetic No -
Case Material Cast iron -
Dimension Value Unit
Length 124 mm
Width 30 mm
Height 150 mm
Weight 1300 Grams
Parameter Value Unit
Operational Temperature Range 0 to 40 °C
Storage Temperature Range °C