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Photo Voltaic (PV) Trackers

Photovoltaic trackers are used to improve the efficiency of the PV material by positioning the panels perpendicular to the sun’s light. Typically a positional accuracy of 0.5° is required for the panels to operate at their maximum efficiency. We have designed a range of inclinometer sensors to provide position feedback to the tracker controller and achieve this level of accuracy.

  • Single axis inclinometers suitable for single axis and pitch-azimuth solar trackers
  • Dual axis sensors for dual axis pitch and roll solar trackers
  • Single axis, range up to ±180° accuracy 0.3°
  • Dual axis, ange up to ±90° accuracy 0.3°
  • Analogue voltage, RS232, RS485, USB and CAN output interfaces


We can also provide customised designs based on this product with the aim of improving system integration, or to replace an existing product with a directly compatible device. Our expertise and experience in this field means we can offer short development times with right first time prototypes.


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Inclinometers for Photovoltaic (PV) Trackers

Options include

  • Custom cabling and connectors
  • Integration of sensor with control module
  • Custom interfaces and communication protocols
  • Custom housings to enable better integration with existing system
  • Specification matching to replace existing inclinometer sensor

With our in depth knowledge of the available inclinometer technologies and experience of a wide variety of solar applications, we specialise in understanding your angle measurement requirements and then offering the most cost effective solution