About Us

We are a steadily expanding company specialising in the manufacture of levels, level vials, electronic level sensors, and inclinometers for measuring angles.  We currently employ around 65 people in our factory and offices in the UK.  In the specialised field of precision ground glass level vials and opto-electronic level sensors, we are the leading worldwide manufacturer.
In the field of inclinometers we are rapidly expanding and aim to be the leading worldwide manufacturer in the coming years.  Our strength comes from the in depth knowledge of these specialised products and their application in a wide range of engineering sectors.  Our wide standard range of products combined with flexibility in design and manufacture means we can find solutions to most levelling and angle measurement requirements.

Our Culture

Often people ask, why don’t you subcontract your manufacturing to the Far East to cut your production costs?  The answer is simple.  At our heart we are an engineering and manufacturing company and we enjoy the process of designing not just our products, but our manufacturing and quality control processes.
That passion and the control it gives us ensures that our products are built efficiently, to the highest possible standard, and delivered on time.

Our Customers

Our customers range in size from individuals to global engineering companies such as GE, Rolls Royce, ABB and BAE Systems.  Our products are used in virtually every market segment from medical devices, robotics, construction, renewable energy, oil and gas and offshore through to military and aerospace.  More than 60% of our sales are from products designed specifically for OEM requirements, and more than 80% of our products are exported outside of the UK.  We have customers in every part of the world.

Our People

Our Company is simply the product of the people who work here.  We recognise the importance of employing the best possible people, giving them the best possible tools, and ensuring they are allowed to work in an environment that encourages creativity, passion and dedication.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do.  Our business and quality management system is certified to ISO9001, and is central to how we work.  Anyone working in engineering knows that quality issues are inevitable at some point.
Our systems and people ensure these issues are dealt with quickly and thoroughly. Our system ensures every challenge we face and problem we overcome makes us stronger going forward.
A copy of our ISO9001 Certificate can be downloaded here

Our History

Level Developments has been manufacturing spirit levels and vials for over 50 years, and prior to this trading as Glass Developments.  The company was purchased by Les Jones (a former employee) and was incorporated as a Limited company in 1987.
les_jonesAt this time the company was just three people struggling after a difficult economic period.  Under new ownership the company started to grow again, and has grown steadily year on year since.  With the appointment of a new Managing Director in 2005 growth has continued, in particular with expansion into electronic and digital inclinometer design and manufacture.

Our Responsibility

Working responsibly matters a great deal to us and as such we aim to protect the safety of our employees and the environment.  Sustainability and environmental impact are primary considerations in the design of all new products, their related manufacturing processes, and the end of life disposal.  We are currently working towards IS014000 certification.

Our Mission

Our aim is to continually improve in all areas of the business.  To push our understanding and technology ever further and to implement the best systems to ensure we have the tools to deliver quality products at competitive prices.
about-machinery2We do not focus on growth as an end goal; we focus on the development of excellent products and processes, and with the aim of exceeding our customer expectations.  The welcome by-product of this philosophy is continued growth and development.