Ball Vials

Ball Spirit Level Vials - Slopemeter Vials

These glass ball inclinometer vials are produced in our factory to the highest quality at very competitive prices. We have many standard types available, and can also design and produce new types to suit customer’s exact requirements. The two most important factors in producing a high quality inclinometer vial are the uniformity of the bending radius, and the cleanliness of the inside of the vial. We use advanced tooling and machinery to ensure the radius is accurate and repeatable, and have a special cleaning process to ensure the vials are free from particles and dust. This is very important especially with the ball type vials where a small dust particle can interrupt the smooth movement of the ball. We also manufacture slip indicator vials for aircraft instrumentation.

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Part No. Image Diameter
Per 2mm
Bending Radius
(mm )
Ball Diameter
$ (ex VAT)
5775/101 5775/101 - Ball Spirit Level Vials - Slopemeter Vials
7 64 85 4.8 See details