Borehole Circular Levels

Borehole Level Vial

These mounted circular borehole levels can be used free standing, surface mounted, or mounted into a bore hole. They are levelled with reference to the bottom surface of the precision machined housing such that when the level is on a perfectly level surface the bubble will be central with the circle within 0.5mm.

Some of the levels have plastic vials which benefit from being lower cost and virtually unbreakable and some utilise glass vials which give a better appearance, and higher accuracy. As well as the range shown below we can also manufacture these levels to suit a particular application or to match an existing specification. They can be purchased online in small quantities, or for larger volumes or on-going OEM requirements please contact us for pricing.

These borehole levels are designed and manufactured in our UK factory to guarantee the quality and accuracy.

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Part No. Image Diameter
Sensitivity Sensitivity
Backing Colour Liquid Colour Price
$ (ex VAT)
CIG18 CIG18 - Borehole Level Vial
18 10 1200 20 minutes Silver Clear From $7.80
CI20 CI20 - Borehole Level Vial
20 11 2040 34 minutes White Clear From $4.99
CI17 CI17 - Borehole Level Vial
17.1 10 2040 34 minutes White Clear From $4.90
CIG15 CIG15 - Borehole Level Vial
15 10 1500 25 minutes White Clear From $7.91