Our knowledge and experience of the available technologies for inclinometers and clinometers enables us to offer the best solution for your angle measurement or tilt sensing application. With a variety of inclinometer sensor technologies available we can offer practical advice on which will give you the lowest cost solution to meet all of your technical requirements. As well as offering a wide standard range of manual and electronic inclinometers, we also design and manufacture custom products for OEM customers, as well as turnkey solutions for specialist projects. Please contact us for more information, or to discuss your inclinometer applications with a sales engineer.

Inclinometer Sensors

Wide range of single and dual axis inclinometers. Analogue or digital outputs

Digital Inclinometers

Wide range of standalone and remote digital display inclinometers

Tilt Switches

Single axis or dual axis high accuracy tilt threshold warning switches

Ball Bubble Inclinometers

A range of tiltmeters for simple angle measurement and indication

Mechanical Inclinometers

A range of high precision mechanical inclinometers and clinometers

Circular Inclinometer Levels

Used to control angle and level on equipment and machinery

Subsea Bullseye Levels

Subsea Bullseye Levels


A range of accessories for our digital inclinometers and sensors.

Cables and Connectors

Both off-the-shelf and custom manufacture available