Bent Vials

Slip Indicator - Slip Indicators

Slip indicator and bent spirit level vials can be used for levelling and measuring angles. They are generally less sensitive than ground vials, and are used instead of plastic vials where a custom size, sensitivity or line markings are required. As well as bent vials for levelling applications we also make inclinometer vials, and turn and slip indicators. We manufacture both ball and bubble type inclinometer vials for use in tilt measurement applications. These are usually custom made to suit specific applications. We also manufacture slip indicator vials and can design and produce any slip indicator vial to suit your exact requirements. We have an advanced production facility which enables us to produce extremely high quality vials in small or large quantities at very competitive prices.

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Part No. Image Diameter
Shoulder Length (mm) Sensitivity
Per 2mm
Bending Radius (mm) Bubble Size (mm) Liquid
$ (ex VAT)
6044/101 6044/101 - Slip Indicator - Slip Indicators
7 52 1440 24 Minutes 283 9 Yellow/Green See details
13266 13266 - Slip Indicator - Slip Indicators
9 45.5 900 15 minutes 460 11.9 Clear See details