Precision Glass Vial for Ophthalmic Instrument

Reichert Ametek approached us to supply them with a custom precision vial to replace an obsolete part from another vendor. The specialist nature of this product, as well as the requirements for high precision, high quality and reliability made Level Developments a good choice to support them.

Developing Subsea Inclinometer Sensors for Underwater Surveying

Tarka Systems needed a high accuracy, low cost underwater inclinometer sensor to integrate with their existing subsea monitoring system. We worked with them to provide a solution that met all the requirements of their project.

Inclinometer Sensors for Subsea Drilling

Van Oord had reached out to Level Developments to source an inclinometers sensor which could be used for their Subsea Drilling Template (SDT) to help support their drilling activities. The harsh marine and subsea application with strict requirements on accuracy was met with a custom development built on existing Level Developments technology and experience in this field.

Tilt Switch for Elevated Work Platform

Tilt switches are used in Elevated Work Platforms to prevent accidental elevation when the platform is on an incline. In this application we helped our client with a customised version of a standard product to meet the requirements of their specialist application.

Roll and Blast Detection for Military Personnel Transport

Many vehicles need tilt detection sensors to warn of excessive tilt angles. In this specialised application a custom built sensor detects roll over and blast acceleration (from IED’s) to switch on an emergency lighting system in an armoured personnel carrier.