We specialise in the production of spirit level vials - bubble levels - in particular electro-optical sensor vials for use in self-levelling equipment. Our advanced production and inspection techniques enable us to produce standard and custom bubble levels at competitive prices. Shown below are the different bubble level vial ranges we offer, please click the relevant image or link, or contact us with your requirements.

Sensor Vials

High performance sensor vials for closed loop self levelling systems

Ground Vials

Over 300 existing models or manufactured to your specification

Ball Vials

Manufacture of ball inclinometer vials and slip indicator bubble level vials

Plastic Cylindrical Vials

Wide range of high quality, low cost plastic cylindrical bubble level vials

Plastic Square Section Vials

High quality low cost plastic square section spirit level vials

Plastic Screw On Levels

Bubble levels vials to suit applications requiring a low cost levelling device

Bent Vials

A range of bent bubble level vials, or custom made to your specification