Solar Trackers

Level Developments specialise in the design and manufacture of sensors for measuring angles and have developed a range of inclinometers specifically to provide angular position feedback in solar tracker applications.

We have several ranges of inclinometers with different price and performance levels suited for the different types of solar tracker technologies.

Expertise and Experience

Our expertise and experience in this field means we can also offer customised sensors to enable better system integration and lower overall cost. Whether you are designing a new Solar Tracker, or want to consider alternative sensors, we can offer the best solution for your application. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the UK to ensure quality and reliability. Our prices are extremely competitive, even when compared with Far East manufacturers, due to the refinement of our product and manufacturing process design.

  • Small physical size and low power consumption
  • High reliability with built in protection against incorrect wiring and transient voltages
  • CE and FCC approval and IP67 sealing
  • All materials rated for continuous outdoor use in direct solar radiation
  • Low cost due to optimised design and automated assembly, calibration and testing
  • Short lead-times even for volume orders

With our in depth knowledge of the available inclinometer technologies and experience of a wide variety of solar applications, we specialise in understanding your angle measurement requirements and then offering the most cost effective solution.