DCL Series

The DCL inclinometer utilises a precision closed loop inertial inclinometer sensor to give extremely accurate and high resolution angle measurement. It has fully isolated power supplies, with a ModBus over TCP/IP Ethernet interface. The anodised Aluminium housing is sealed to IP67 making it suitable for use in the most demanding environments. They are temperature compensated over the specified range to meet the needs of the specific application, while the sensing element is the latest generation closed loop sensors with liquid damping and optical position feedback. This enables very high accuracy measurement with very low temperature drift, excellent long term stability, and excellent performance in applications with high vibration.

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Part No. Image Size
(LxWxH mm)
No of Axis Range
Output Type Resolution (°) Accuracy (°)
Supply Voltage
Min - Max (V)
Seal Rating Price
$ (ex VAT)
DCL-45-TCP DCL-45-TCP - DCL Series
135x61.5x74.5 1 ±45 Ethernet (ModBus) 0.001 0.01 19 - 30 IP67 From $1,837.00
DCL-20-TCP DCL-20-TCP - DCL Series
135x61.5x74.5 1 ±20 Ethernet (ModBus) 0.0005 0.005 19 - 30 IP67 From $1,837.00
DCL-05-TCP DCL-05-TCP - DCL Series
135x61.5x74.5 1 ±5 Ethernet (ModBus) 0.0002 0.0025 19 - 30 IP67 From $1,837.00