Inclinometers » Digital Inclinometers » IDS-SOLAR2 - Dual Axis ±30° SOLAR Inclinometer with OLED Display System

Product Brochure (pdf 525 KB) IDS-SOLAR2 – Dual Axis ±30° SOLAR Inclinometer with OLED Display System

The IDS-SOLAR-2-30 is a dual axis inclinometer sensor with a high-quality, OLED display system for displaying angle in single axis, dual axis and graphical measurement modes. The sensor uses a high performance MEMS sensor to measure angles in both the pitch and roll axes, exhibiting low long term drift and a wide temperature range. The devices are manufactured and calibrated in our UK factory to ensure high-quality.


  • Dual axis measurement range: ±30°
  • Solid state, high performance MEMS sensor
  • Low temperature drift
  • Easy to set and store zero posion
  • Configurable S232 interface
  • Li-Po Battery powered with mains charger
  • Single axis, dual axis and graphical display modes
  • OLED display, high contrast with wide viewing angle
  • Temperature Range -40 to +85°C (without battery)
  • Tough sealed IP67 aluminium housings
  • ROHS and CE Compliant

Product Specification

Parameter Value Unit
Number of Axis 2 -
Range ±30 °
Resolution 0.001 °
Accuracy at 20°C ±0.030° °
Uncompensated Temp Error 0.0015 ° / °C
Accuracy at -20 - 70°C ±0.120 °
Display Type OLED -
Display Output RS232 -
Output Format RS232 -
Power Source Internal Li-Po Battery, or external -
Low Pass Filter Frequency 0.125 to 16 Hz
Technology MEMS -
Parameter Value Unit
Supply Voltage (min) 12 V
Supply Voltage (max) 30 V
Supply Current 50 mA
Battery Life 30 Hours
Dimension Value Unit
Weight 425 g
Sensor Size 75x37.5x15 mm
Sensor Weight 45 g
Sensor Case Material Anodised Alumimiun -
Display Size 130x72x26.5 mm
Display Weight 380 g
Display Case Material Anodised Aluminium -
Cable Length 2 m
Parameter Value Unit
Operational Temperature Range -40 to 85 (without Li-Po Battery) °C
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 85 (without Li-Po Battery) °C
Sensor Seal Rating IP67 -
Display Seal Rating IP67 -