Dual Axis

DAS Series

High resolution Inclinometers incorporating a high-performance dual axis 3D MEMS sensor

LC Series

Low cost dual axis inclinometers for high accuracy tracking, levelling and tilt monitoring

SOLAR-2 Series

Dual axis solar tracking tilt sensors with flexible configuration and any measurement range from ±5° to ±45

VS Series

High performance tilt sensors designed for use in the toughest industrial environments, range from ±5° to ±60°

MAS-2 Series

High performance dual-axis sensor using a CAN bussed system and SAE J1939 protocol

SCA121T Alternative

Level Developments' Murata (VTI) SCA121T alternative inclinometer sensor modules

SUBSEA-2 Series

High-performance submersible dual axis inclinometers rated for use 500m underwater, range ±5° to ±45°