Precision Glass Vial for Ophthalmic Instrument

Level for Ophthalmic Instrument Vial for Ophthalmic Instrument


Reichert Ametek is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality diagnostic instruments and equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and retail eye care centres. The company’s products are used for a wide range of applications, from common vision testing to diagnosing sight-threatening diseases such as glaucoma.

The Application

The Reichert Phoroptor® is a best-in-class refracting instrument comprised of spherical, cylinder and prism lenses that measure the eye’s refractive error to help determine prescription. The instrument uses a small level vial to ensure the device is levelled during the set-up procedure.

The Challenge

The level vial used in this product needed to be custom-made to be a perfect fit for the instrument, and a perfect match for the original vial which was no longer available. As the end product is made to the highest standards, the vial needs to be perfectly formed and free from all optical defects. It was also needed in a short time frame to ensure the production of this key product line was not affected.

The Solution

Level Developments were able to work with Reichert to produce a design that met the requirements for the application whilst also aligning with the production methods used by Level Developments. The process used by Level Developments to introduce new product designs from concept to production enabled us to meet all the challenges, including supplying samples for approval and getting production out in time for the deadline.

The Benefit

Reichert can be confident that this product will be supplied with consistent quality and performance for many years to come thanks to the robust design procedure, detailed product specification, and thorough manufacturing and inspection documentation created by Level developments.

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